Waste Management Policies

Policies are necessary to ensure that the framework conditions supporting and promoting IWM as well as directing particular waste streams into the corresponding waste treatment facilities are in place. It includes variety of approaches and policy instruments – from market mechanism and voluntary compliance schemes to mandatory policies, sanctions and bans.

Quality Assurance of Compost and Digestate: Experiences from Germany

The brochure provides information on the quality assurance system (QAS) and quality assurance organization (QAO) that exist in Germany to guarantee high quality of compost and digestate. The publication outlines the basic principles of QAS and includes an overview of the legal framework guiding management of bio-waste in the EU and in Germany. The Chinese translation […]

May 27, 2020

China’s waste sector response to COVID-19

As China was hit by the COVID-19 epidemic, its waste sector was amidst the transformation process – from collection-disposal mode towards mandatory waste segregation at source and diversified integrated municipal solid waste management. How under these circumstances China’s waste industry shaped its response to the obstacles brought by the coronavirus – in our overview.

April 27, 2020

Study: Digestate Quality Control of Organic Waste from MSW (Chinese only)

The study (Chinese only) is conducted by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences on behalf of IWM NAMA project. With this study, we expect to help enhance the existing political framework regulating the treatment of kitchen waste and the application of its products in China.

November 13, 2019
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