Qian Mingyu

Project Director

Mr. Qian Mingyu joined the China Integrated Waste Management NAMA Project in 2017. As the Project Director, he is responsible for leading the project, implementing and coordinating project activities as well as monitoring the outcomes. Also, he is in charge of communicating with European and Chinese partners and providing technical support in fields such as waste management, renewable energy and climate change as a senior technologist.

Mingyu has extensive experiences working in various institutes for more than ten years. Before joining the NAMA Project, he served as a senior engineer in the China University of Petroleum (Beijing), and as the Senior Project Manager in the GIZ Biomass Utilization Project from 2009 to 2014.

Mingyu holds a master’s degree in fermentation engineering and two bachelor’s degrees in biotechnology and environmental engineering. Now, he also serves as the biogas expert of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Liu Xiao

Senior Technical Advisor
PhD, associate researcher
more than 10 years’ experience on MSW management especially on policy research and technology consulting; mainly focus on the integrated waste management, organic waste treatment, mitigation effect which can be achieved by MSW management, and the influence of policy and technology innovation on climate change mitigation.

Nina Mitiaieva

Technical Advisor

Nina provides technical and conceptual support to the project. Her focus areas lie on the overall set-up of ISWM as well as on the political instruments to promote 3Rs and introduce “polluter-pays-principle”. In addition, Nina is responsible for “translating” project’s impacts into numbers and letters, meaning monitoring and reporting tasks.

Nina holds a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Resource Management from the Technical University of Munich. Before joining GIZ China, she worked for the European Commission in Brussels and for GIZ in its headquarters in Bonn dealing with the topics of urban and regional development.

Hou Jingyue

Technical Advisor

As the project technical advisor, Jingyue has a master’s degree in “German as foreign language” at the Julius-Maximilians Universität, Würzburg and a bachelor’s degree in “German studies” at the University of Science and Technology, Beijing. Jingyue supports the team in the exchange and coordination between the project, governance in pilot cities as well as local institutions and experts in China. Meanwhile, Jingyue is also responsible for curricula development, trainings and study tours’ organization. Her focus is on programs that relate to the topics of awareness raising towards sustainable development and integrated waste management.