Project News

April 21, 2020

China’s waste sector response to COVID-19

As China was hit by the COVID-19 epidemic, its waste sector was amidst the transformation process – from collection-disposal mode towards mandatory waste segregation at source and diversified integrated municipal solid waste management. How under these circumstances China’s waste industry shaped its response to the obstacles brought by the coronavirus – in our overview.

March 25, 2020

Capacity Building in 2020 — China IWM NSP Goes Online

If the global COVID-19 outbreak has made something absolutely inevitable, it is digitalisation, remote work and proliferation of online learning. In line with the current trend, China IWM NSP has adjusted its “modes of delivery” and started organising online trainings for its major stakeholders.

February 18, 2020

Demonstration municipalities show better results in KPI assessment

The first annual assessment of waste management systems in the demonstration municipalities shows that all cities managed to improve their municipal solid waste management either in terms of infrastructure or with respect to governance.